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Workshop On Weekend

BIO: Scott Jennings is a British-born performer, maker and teacher. Born in the south of England, Scott found a love for the arts a young age. He began his studies at The BRIT School (2002-06) and then went on to gain a BA degree from London Contemporary Dance School (2006-09). He has worked widely in the UK and Europe with artists such as Robert Wilson, Lloyd Newson, Dimitris Papaioannou, Alexandra Waierstall and Maxine Doyle, amongst others. From 2012 - 2018 he was a member of Pina Bausch's Tanztheater Wuppertal, dancing notable roles in Bausch's eclectic repertoire. As a teacher and facilitator, he has worked at arts schools and institutions and has been a regular guest teacher at international summer festivals. Scott lives with his family in Berlin, Germany.

THE WORKSHOP: Drawing inspiration from dance makers, theatre directors, circus performers and visual artists, my multifaceted approach looks at creativity and the moving body through numerous different lenses. I believe that dance and theatre really become whole by exploring what it means to be human. Through noticing, reacting, interacting and questioning, I try to bring the mundane, or the everyday, into conversation with the dramatic and the abstract. I often use drawing and objects as well as movement and voice to explore and better understand who we are as people and creative individuals. Through games and improvisations, I hope to bring a child-like sense of possibility to our craft and the world around us. Each workshop will begin with a guided warm-up and we will play some games to help connect the group. From here, we will work both alone and in small groups exploring theatrical possibilities through the moving body and the space around us.


BIO: Freelance dance artist. After completing the Jasmin Vardimon JV2 professional course in 2014, Sabrina is pursuing her career in the UK and abroad. Collaborates with PanicLab Dance Theater (UK), Gregory Maqoma for Companhia Instàvel (Portugal), Tom Dale (UK) Company Idem (Switzerland), Ciemulator Dance Theater (Switzerland), Beatrice Allegranti Dance Theater (UK), Fuora Dance Project (UK), Victoria Fox for // Tribe (UK), Mafalda Deville for Companhia Instavel (Portugal), Becky Namgauds and Jasmin Vardimon (UK), in the lead role of Pinocchio. She choreographs for the youth company of The Point (UK) Pera University (Cyprus) Lincoln University (UK). She teaches workshops in the UK and Europe. She is also a Jasmin Vardimon Company faculty and JV2 program leader 2019-20 and 2020-21. She directs and choreographs the film MAY YOU LISTEN? for Jasmin Vardimon's company JV2 in 2021. She is part of the cast of ALiCE in VR Wonderland and Jasmin Vardimon's new creation ALICE in 2022. She creates the company ELELEI together with Rafa Jagat in 2020. Elelei already counts two works A Ciegas, a street duet, awarded as best show in Portugal in Mais Imaginarius 2021 and receives the audience award in the Hannover Choreography Competition 2021 and Soy Madera, a street and hall solo which, debuts in May 2022. Elelei is commissioned by Jasmin Vardimon Company for create " Marathon" for JV2 2022. Elelei already has 8 countries where the works have been presented such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Scotland, Greece, South Korea and Mexico.

THE WORKSHOP: The class is very physical and dynamic, based on Sabrina's background and experience as a dancer and performer. The class includes exercises to connect breath and body, improvisation to stimulate imagination and creativity, floor work, which is greatly enhanced by the use of spirals, quick transitions to challenge coordination and stamina, and a great influence of the capoeira that has been inspiring Sabrina's work for eight years. These elements are fused into a practice that focuses on grounding, efficiency, fluidity and connection across space and on and off the floor through acrobatic transitions. In addition to the physical part, the laboratory will include moments in which there will be more time and space to investigate the dramaturgy of movement. Understand what happens around us to transform an idea into something concrete and understand what we are doing and why and how to be present in every single moment in an instantaneous composition.


BIO: Born and raised between the Philippines and Italy, Michael (he/him) joined Skånes Dansteater in 2022. He holds a BFA from The Juilliard School and has performed and collaborated in reconstructions and new creations of works in companies in the USA and in the UK. Highlights include: originating roles with GroundWorks Dance Theater (USA), touring nationally and internationally with Phoenix Dance Theatre (UK), performing for UK queer companies Rendez-Vous Dance and DeNada Dance Theatre and being part of virtual reality dance "Celestial Motion" with Alexander Whitley Dance Company (UK). During his professional career, he was also a faculty member at educational institutions such as Cleveland State University and CAPA College, a guest teacher for UK companies and NSCD, as well as a self-producing maker and collaborator (Behind the Next Door, US, 2017; Restoration, UK, 2021).

THE WORKSHOP: The movement lab will focus on offering tools to compose instant choreography utilising improvisation: by understanding different key aspects of a piece of dance work such as space, time and musicality, relationship with others and many more, a dancer can make instant and informed choices to develop choreography on the spot.

Travis copia.jpg

BIO: Travis has developed a significant career dancing for choreographers such as Wayne McGregor CBE, Michael Clark, Matthew Bourne, Bawren Tavaziva, Holly Noble, Tim Podesta and Alexander Whitley. As a dancer for these renowned artists, he has undertaken international tours performing on stages such as the Bolshoi, New York City Centre, Sadlers Wells, Palais Garnier, Bastille and many more. An award-winning choreographer, he has presented works such as Linear, Exposure, ProXimity, Stutter and Informal Between across an international spectrum in countries such as Japan, Australia, Italy, Korea and the UK. After leaving Wayne McGregor’s Company in 2019, Travis has continued on as a freelance dancer and choreographer. Together with James Pett, he has been creating several works such as Man of the Crowd, Eye of the Storm, Thou Art the Man, I Stood Amid the Roar and several more. Additionally, he has successfully directed several dance films such as A Space Left Blank, honourably mentioned for best choreography at the New Renaissance Film Festival, Doldrums music video by Silverhours (2023) and Beast by Veronica Furman (2023). His long-lasting artistic partnership with James Pett led them to create their company, Pett | Clausen-Knight. Their works have been presented in international theatres, platforms and festivals such as Sadler’s Wells Theatre, Teatro Grande in Brescia, Festival Exister in Milan, Festival Morelos Danza (Mexico), Korea, Australia, Black Box Festival in Bulgaria, Florence Dance Festival, New National Theatre in Japan, and many more. Over the years, they have been called by international companies to work as guest choreographers and artists, creating works for Bangkok City Ballet (Thailand), Los Talleres (Mexico), DANCEHAUSpiù, and Encore Dance Company. November 2022 saw the official premiere of IMAGO, their first full piece, receiving an immediate 5-star review in Brescia (Teatro Grande) and Milan (Festival Exister, Dancehaus). IMAGO has continued to tour throughout 2023, presented in New York, Mexico, Thailand, China and the UK. Starting in January 2023, they became associate artists with DANCEHAUSpiù, who supported their latest creations, In the Absence and After Echoes.

THE WORKSHOP: Travis leads his sessions in a creative process that accesses techniques through the process. Utilising his diverse training in classical and contemporary techniques, he delves into an intense and virtuosic experience that informs participants on new insights into their own practice whilst giving them access to powerful creative tools. Participants will find their skills pushed to new extremes whilst discovering exciting challenges in creative phrases that allow them to appreciate every facet of their practice. His workshops have been described as enlightening and poetically insightful, utilising powerful imagery and challenging technical forms whilst being both exciting and creative.

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